Writing has always meant a lot to me. I've written since I was a child really, many years before I started to sing. It began when I was about 7, with short stories about birds and spooky castles and whatnot, and when I was 12-13 I had a thing for writing 200-paged stories about horses that were mistreated, died and came back to kill as many people as possible. I even let one of my Swedish teachers read one of these masterpieces. I wonder what she thought was going on in this head of mine :)


When I was 16/17 I wrote some post-apocalyptic thing that was almost as bad as the horse stories, but by now I want to believe I write things that make a bit more sense. I have a thing for mixing different worlds in a story, and writing about themes I feel are quite close to me, and sometimes weaving in When I was about 17, music became increasingly important to me and I sort of forgot to write. These days I'm happy to have found space enough for both music and writing.


Music means equally much. I've been playing the piano since I was 7, am self-taught and have never been interested in learning how to read notes, apart from when I learned the basics to start giving piano classes for a while back in 2008. The little I learned though is long gone. I started singing when I was 15 and recording own music under the project name Once There Was when I was 17. I took some singing classes when I was about 19 and over the years the music writing, singing and vocal recordings have grown into something I do on a very regular basis.


Since 2008 I'm the vocalist of Factory of Dreams (Portugal) and the same year I also joined Beto Vazquez Infinity (Argentina) as one of their lead vocalists which I was until 2013. Working over a distance has never been a problem to me and I'm always open for new projects if I feel that special spark with the music.